Monday, 8 February 2016


Happy New Year Everyone. 

Well It's February and as yet I haven't blogged once. Shocking I know but there's loads of changes going on in the pickle jar which mean 2016 is going to be the start of very different times.
Firstly don't panic I'm not packing it all in to live in the woods somewhere. I shall still be drawing and creating, hopefully in a much more productive manner. I will however be doing something very different as my career and day to day job. 
But what's this I hear you say I thought this was your career?! and yes you're exactly right this is how I've been eking out a meagre income over the last few years. Now don't get me wrong it's been great but there have been some significant down sides to it as well, but that's another story.

I've been doing a bit of work with Grimsby uni of late helping teach art at the Saturday club (which I'll explain more in another post), this coupled with doing homework with our now 5 yr old daughter has made me realise I actually enjoy teaching. 

As a result I've had a long hard look at my direction and have decided to go back to university and do my PGCE to train up and become a primary school teacher.

So as you can see all change. It also means I'll be adding some different items to the blog as I change stuff around. Here's to the new year and let's see what it brings.
Clumsy Pickle


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