Friday, 11 September 2015

Project Cornelius Update

After what seems like an age things are starting to move on more quickly with 'Project Cornelius' both the comic and the game are making some steady progress. The big push at the moment however is on the game. This mainly due to the fact I'm no longer doing it on my own which is awesome. A friend and fellow illustrator/geek Steve Beckett is on board and between us we're charging on ahead. 

Today has been all about sorting through the miniatures needed for the game. To start with at least, I don't plan to sculpt all of the models myself when there are perfectly good examples out there to be had. I'm sculpting Zombots and a few other characters but I'm trying to source other models that can be used for many of the characters. For example the British soldiers are from Black Pyramid Gaming and the police men are from Artizan Miniatures

On top of all this I have been rewriting and adding to the first draft rules which will be at a playable stage very soon. Watch this space for more updates. 

Clumsy Pickle