Monday, 12 January 2015

Display Zombot

As I'm sure many of you are aware I like making things. Generally quite odd things too. As such I'm hoping this won't disappoint. I'm working all guns blazing on the 'Rise of the Zombots' at the moment with one of the main protaganists being the dreaded Zombot. An evil construct of machine and lobotomised human brain.

Well the game itself uses 28mm models which I am sculpting, however I felt that a display piece was in order for the cons and events I'm hoping to show it at. I had a good rummage around through bits and pieces that seem to accumulate in what passes for my office and dug up enough parts to start work.

The size of the model as always was dictated by the clear plastic dome on top, which in this case means the Zombot will be approximately 40cm tall which is roughly 14 times larger than the game figures. That should be pretty striking when stood on the table!! I'll keep you updated on progress folks.

Clumsy Pickle


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