Sunday, 22 December 2013

Literary Art Invasion

Hi Everyone I thought I'd write a little blog to explain to you all what the Literary Art Invasion or LIA is all about. In a nutshell an LIA consists of a page from a vintage book with a unique illustration drawn upon it. In most cases the illustration is directly relevant to the book. For example I have been doing a lot of Alice in wonderland pages recently with various scenes from the story drawn on them. Or in the case of the below a Dalek on a collage of pages from 'Death of the Daleks'.

I also do triple framed LIA's which are great for wedding presents, anniversaries or all manner of occasions.

If you're looking for a particular book or illustration then feel free to get in touch via twitter, facebook, or email as pretty much anything can be done, from the classics through to mills and boon (if you really wanted), and anything in between. 

Speak to you soon Mike. :-)

Clumsy Pickle

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